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Red-1 Dampening Sleeves

Red-1 Dampening Sleeves

RED-1 SHRINK Dampening Material incorporates the latest developments in fiber technology. Its unique knit construction guarantees a controlled and uniform circumferential shrink that firmly locks the cover onto the roller without pinching down the roller ends. The shrink fit eliminates any twisting or creeping even under high speed web press conditions. No special rollers are required and the problems and expense associated with critical roller tolerances are eliminated.

RED-1 SHRINK Dampening Material is tightly knit using only tough continuous filament synthetic yarns. This insures lint-free performance with no pre-conditioning or break-in required. All the fibers used in RED-1 Dampening Material have been processed to attain the highest level of ink resistance. Ink build up on the water ductor and form rollers is dramatically reduced. If any dampener cover maintenance is necessary between color changes, a thorough cleaning of RED-1 is fast and simple.

Because of the resistance to ink and freedom from lint, a clean even transfer of water to the plate is easily achieved. The dense surface of the material eliminates troublesome patterning or tracking. The uniform absorption and moisture retention ends dry spots and provides greater control of the ink/water balance. RED-1 is highly effective in both the water ductor and form positions.

  • Shrink Fit
  • Lint Free
  • Ink Resistant
  • Long Wearing
  • No Twisting
  • No Pattern
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavier stock than Red Runner

Ink Resistant
All the fibers used in Red 1 Dampening materials have been processed to attain the highest level of ink resistance. Troublesome ink build-up on dampener rollers is dramatically reduced. If any maintenance is necessary between color changes, a thorough cleaning is fast and simple.

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Note: Part number description
F – Form roll cover.
D – Ductor roll cover only.
FD – Combination of 1 Form & 1 Ductor roll cover.
M – Mid-Sized cover, covers both the doctor and the form.
H – Hamada

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  • Models: KEN-RFD11, KEN-RF11, KEN-RD11, KEN-RFD14, KEN-RF14, KEN-RD14, KEN-RF19, KEN-RD19, KEN-RF21, KEN-RD21, KEN-RM14, KEN-RM18, KEN-RM22, KEN-RM27, KEN-RFH14, KEN-RFH19, 569238, KEN-R15010, 569252, KEN-R17510, 569077, KEN-R110010, 569078, KEN-R120010, 569086, KEN-R110025, 569087, KEN-R120025, 569079, KEN-R130025, 569080, KEN-R140025, 569081, KEN-R150025, 569082, KEN-R160025, 569083 & KEN-R170025
  • Manufactured by: Red-1 Dampening Sleeves

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Red-1 Dampener Covers

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