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Conventional American 2-in-1 Plate Developer and Finisher

Conventional American 2-in-1 Plate Developer and Finisher

Develops and finishes conventional negative printing plates manufactured by North and South American plate companies. Develops plates including AGFA, IBF, Kodak, Southern Lithoplate and most private label plates. It can be used by hand or in a processor.

These Conventional Negative Working Plate Developers and 2in1 are designed to work either by hand or in a processor. They contain an additive called "Plate Prep" which conditions the aluminum non-image area and reduces the roll up time on press by up to 30%. These products will not foam, will not swell processor rollers, and run cleaner & longer than our competitors. Products are available as Ready to Use and as concentrates.

Plates Developed
All Agfa Negative Conventional Plates (SI,S2, N555,WLE, SF2, etc), Anitec, Anocoil, Base-Line, Dot Works, Graphline, IBF, Kodak, Konica, #1 Network, Southern Litho and most other negative conventional printing plates.

Develop at room temperature. Maybe used by hand or in a processor. For Developer only use with Metal Plate Finisher.
For 2in1 Developer/Finisher do not rinse with water, when developing by hand buff dry.

Conventional American Plate Developer dilutes with 3 parts water.
The 2-IN-1 Plate Developer dilutes with 2 parts water.
This product has additives and buffers to handle all water conditions including high and low pH, and hard and soft water conditions.

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  • Models: CHM-AP2IN1G & CHM-AP2N15
  • Manufactured by: Applied Chemistries

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