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Peak 2021 Swing Loupe 22x

Kompac Felt Cleaning Seals #93930

Kompac Felt Cleaning Seals #93930

Weekly use of Kompac Cleaning Seals prolongs roller life by removing dried ink residue form form roller ends.

The precision ground Kompac form roller has the longest 'use life' of any dampening system with an average use-life of 6-8 years.

If roller ends are not cleaned and allowed to accumulate ink, ink solvents remain active at roller ends 24/7, allowing solvents to penetrate deep within rubber compound causing 'roller ends to swell'.

When form roll ends swell, excess nip pressures are created at the ends of Kompac causing seals to wear unevenly, and the edges of the plate runs dry, producing toning at side edges of copy.

Form roll end swelling is the primary cause of premature form roller failure.

For optimum performance and longivity, use felt cleaning seals religiously, at least once per week!

To use Cleaning Seals properly, follow this procedure;

  1. Make sure your Kompac is clean and dry. Remove Teflon Seals and clean them with Wash V-120 or other water miscible wash. Insert Kompac Cleaning Seals dry. Close seal spring.
  2. Saturate cleaning seals with Wash V-120 or other water miscible wash, mixed with 25% water. Run Kompac unit for 2 minutes, maximum!
  3. Stop press, remove cleaning seals. *Note the dried ink accumulated on the cleaning seals.
  4. Reinstall Teflon Seals and run for 1 minute to re-seal.

Sold in 12 Set packs (24 each)

  • Model: MIS-KFCS
  • Manufactured by: Kompac


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