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Lithco Standard Hollow Drill Bits

Lithco Standard Hollow Drill Bits

Manufactured from strong, durable, tool-quality steel

Key Benefits

  • Hardened the full length of the shaft to resist bending and wobbling
  • Larger taper than standard drill bits to prevent chaff build-up
  • Available in six styles to fit most popular drills
  • Available standard, premium or Teflon® coated
Drill Part # Style Size Neck Length Drill
LIT-DBA3/16 A 3/16" 2" Casco,
Mark 3 and 4,
(2" capacity),
LIT-DBA1/4 A 1/4" 2"
LIT-DBA5/16 A 5/16" 2"
LIT-DBA3/8 A 3/8" 2"
LIT-DBA1/2 A 1/2" 2"
LIT-DBA1/4L A 1/4" 2 1/2"
LIT-DBA5/16L A 5/16" 2 1/2"
LIT-DBJ1/8 J 1/8" 3/4"
LIT-DBJ1/4 J 1/4" 3/4" Lihit Drill,
Martin-Yale 101,
SuperSpeed 101
LIT-DBL3/16 L 3/16" 1"
LIT-DBL1/4 L 1/4" 1" Lassco-Spinnit
(1" capacity)
LIT-DBL5/16 L 5/16" 1"
LIT-DBL3/8 L 3/8" 1"
LIT-DBK1/4P K 1/4" 2"
LIT-DBK5/16P K 5/16" 2" Martin-Yale,
Imperial 202,
  • Models: LIT-DBA3/16, LIT-DBA1/4, LIT-DBA1/4L, LIT-DBA5/16, LIT-DBA5/16L, LIT-DBA3/8, LIT-DBA3/8L, LIT-DBA1/2, LIT-DBA1/2L, LIT-DBJ1/4, LIT-DBK1/4, LIT-DBK5/16, LIT-DBL3/16, LIT-DBL1/4, LIT-DBL5/16 & LIT-DBL3/8
  • Manufactured by: Lithco

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Lithco Hollow Drill Bits

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