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Peak 2021 Swing Loupe 22x

Technical and Powertech Series

Technical and Powertech Series

The Finest and Safest cutter you can buy.

Technical Series Rotary Cutters (T-Series)
T-Series cutters are the strongest manual rotary cutters made; they are cutters of choice when cutting heavier materials on a regular basis. Technical Cutters handle materials up to 3/16"(4mm) thick with speed, accuracy, and absolute safety. They are available in sizes to suit the requirements of custom photo labs, display houses, laminating companies and many industrial users, from a compact 26" to a giant 99" cut length.

All-metal construction, including an extruded aluminum baseboard, gives the Technical Series cutter the strength and rigidity to handle the heaviest volume and the toughest jobs. A massive steel support bar guides the cutting head for precision cuts on lightweight as well as heavy stock; metal end castings absorb shock and eliminate distortion. A metric and inch squaring arm and full length cut guide lines in the base-board simplify aligning and measuring materials

Technical and Power Cutters can be made free-standing with the addition of a Rotatrim T-series Floor Stand. The Floor stand consists of a pair of braced enameled steel legs which attach to the underside of the cutter baseboard. The Floor Stand for longer cutters (T series Cutter 61" and over; Power Cutter 50" and over) includes a center support.

Scrap Catchers are available in all sizes. They mount to the Floor Stand to collect trimmings.

The Technical and Power Cutter Roll Holder accepts roll materials up to 14" in diameter and any width up to the cutter maximum. The Roll Holder clamps to the baseboard and fits all cutter sizes.

Baseboard Extensions can be added to the cutter to increase the working area. Extensions are 11' wide.

Ruler extensions

Cut capacity 0.16 inches
Models with Two-way cut reduces the capacity to 0.07 inches.

Rotatrim Technical Series

Cutting Width Model Size/Weight
26" RCT650 37 3/16" x 14"/ 21 lbs.
38" RCT950 49" x 14" / 26 lbs.
50" RCT1250 61" x 14 "/ 31 lbs.
61" RCT1550 72 1/2" x 14 "/ 35 lbs.
73" RCT1850 84 3/8" x 14 " /40 lbs.
85" RCT2150 96 1/4" x 14"/ 45 lbs.
99" RCT2500 110" x 14" / 50 lbs.

Rotatrim PC Series Power Cutters

A complete understanding of the stresses generated during heavy duty cutting and the use of the most durable components has enabled Rotatrim to design and construct this remarkable series of machines.

The 14 models in the Powertech range will each slice effortlessly through almost any flexible sheet up to 4mm thick. Additionally, these versatile cutters are equally at home with thin films and foils due to the unique, self adjusting triple roller cutting head.

With the range extending to a massive 99" (2500mm) cut length, the Powertech machines are perfect for display/exhibition applications, finishing of all digital media and fast accurate dead straight trimming of pop-ups, encapsulated posters, vinyl's and banners.

The Powertech models have the cutting head electrically driven by steel reinforced belt, via a foot operated pneumatic switch, thus leaving both hands free for speedy repositioning. Each Powertech machine is supplied with a comprehensive operating and service manual.

Chromed 1.25" square steel guide rail and all metal construction eliminates distortion.

Self sharpening Sheffield tungsten steel cutting wheel and counter blade.

Transparent clamp strip combines with rubber gripper for firm positive clamping.

Automatic clamp lifts at each end of cut.

Extruded satin finish aluminum baseboard with parallel indents - strong and warp free.

Cut control plate ensures head cannot ride up onto baseboard.
way cutting option by removing C.C. Plate. See specs)

Powertech high speed version available.


  • 1/6 horsepower electrically powered Technical Cutter.
  • Cuts 20 inch per second, materials up to 4mm thick.
  • Foot switched activated.
  • Steel-reinforced belt drive.
  • Built in circuit breaker.
Cutting Width Model
26" RCPT650
38" RCPT950
50" RCPT1250
61" RCPT1500
73" RCPT1850
85" RCPT2150
99" RCPT2500

Accessories Model
Floor Stands legs
(without center support)
Fits T26, T38, T50, PT2600 & PT3800 RCTSS
Floor Stand legs
(Includes center support)
Large Floor stand includes center support for T61, PT5000 & larger RCTSL
Roll dispenser Adjustable for varying roll widths RCPTRD
Extension Rule 24 inch RCTX24
Extension Rule 36 inch RCTX36
Baseboard Extensions 26 inch RCTB6
Baseboard Extensions 38 inch RCTB9
Baseboard Extensions 50 inch RCTB12
Baseboard Extensions 61 inch RCTB15
Baseboard Extensions 73 inch RCTB18
Baseboard Extensions 85 inch RCTB21
Baseboard Extensions 99 inch RCTB25
Waste Catcher for 26 inch Technical Series RCTC6
Waste Catcher for 26 inch Powertech Series RCTC96
Waste Catcher for 50 inch Technical & Powertech RCTC129
Waste Catcher for 61inch Technical & Powertech RCTC1512
Waste Catcher for 73 inch Technical & Powertech RCTC1815
Waste Catcher for 85 inch Technical & Powertech RCTC2118
Waste Catcher for Powertech RCTC21
Waste Catcher for 99 inch Cutter RCPTC25
14" roll Dispenser for Technical and Powertech Cutters RCPTRD

** Technical series, P = Powertech series cutters
*** (Works with Technical, Powertech or Digitech Cutters attached to front of cutter)

With Original Cutting Head Assembly

With New Updated Cutting Head Assembly

Replacement parts (Click on picture for large view).

Part #
Cutting wheel (Specify old or new) RCT106A
Assembly including roller RCT190
Plastic Brackets (4 each) RCT101
Complete cutting head Specify old or new style RTC100A
Bar Call for pricing
Flat blade (Special order - See below for pricing) RCTFB

Part # Cut Length Clamp Strip
RCTCP65 26" cut See Below
RCTCP95 38" cut
RCTCP950 38" cut
RCTCS125 50" cut
RCTCS155 61" cut
RCTCS185 73" cut
RCTCS215 85" cut
RCTCS250 99" cut

RCTSS- Floor Stand Legs come without center support
RCTSL - Floor Stand Legs include center support

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Rotatrim Technical Series

Rotatrim PC Series

Rotatrim Accessories & Parts

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