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Lithco Non-Offset Spray Powder

Lithco Non-Offset Spray Powder

Each batch is quality-controlled to assure dependable and repeatable results.

Our spray powder provides a smooth finish and is highly effective in preventing offsetting on a wide variety of stocks.
Manufactured from the highest quality food-grade starch, it is acceptable for use on food wrappers.
It contains no talc, clay or calcium carbonate.
Excellent choice for coated label stock.
Available in 2 Ib. bags, and 10 or 50 Ib. boxes in fine, medium-fine, and medium uncoated.

Choosing the Right Powder for the Job

Spray Powder – we all know what it is regardless of whether it is called Offset Spray Powder, Anti-Offset Spray Powder, Anti Set-Off Powder or whatever else an individual manufacturer may call it. At one time, spray powder was made from finely pulverized talc, but due to health hazards (talc contains asbestos, for example), virtually all spray powder today is made from food grade starches from corn, potato, tapioca, rice or wheat.

Why Use Spray Powder
A printed sheet takes time to dry. More time than the span between individual impressions. The spray powder forms an air space that allows air to circulate between the sheets so that the ink can dry. Determining the correct amount and grade of spray powder on any job requires the skill and experience of the pressman.

Types and Grades of Spray Powder
Spray powder comes in a wide range of particle sizes measured in microns (µm, or .001 mm). The sizes are generally referred to by generic sizes such as fine, medium and coarse and cover a range of particle size. The powder also comes natural (uncoated) or in a waterproof version with a silicone coating (coated).

In an ideal world, a coated powder would always be used. Unfortunately offset lithography is not part of an ideal world. Coated powders have limitations. Despite the fact that they lay down smoother and offer more latitude in particle size and amount of powder used, they can’t be used for multiple pass printing or for work destined to be laminated or foil stamped.

Guide to Choosing Proper Spray Powder
As mentioned above, spray powder comes in a range of particle sizes and each manufacturer has a slightly different grade range and name. The following chart represents the particle size and grade names that Lithco has chosen to use. All grades are available in coated form as a special order item. Particle sizes up to 75 µm are available as a special order as well.

Grade Name Particle Size Range in µm Recommended Usage
Very Fine 15 to 20 µm Very fine powder. Smooth. Ideal for light ink coverage and where
stock is smooth on both sides. Recommended for print and turn
work. Can be dispensed from all types of sprayers. Excellent
static eliminator and anti-blocking on poly bags and film. Utilized in
rotogravure and web for slip qualities.
Fine 22 to 23 µm For smooth finish on paper stock, tab stock and/or low racking.
Most popular all-purpose powder for use on medium size presses
using stock smooth on both sides and medium piles. Excellent for
coated label stock, laminating. Smooth finish.
Medium-Fine 24 to 27 µm Ideal for labels, book cover stock and light ink coverage on some
carton stock. Ideal for laminating. Anti-blocking on film packaging.
Generally the uncoated is used on first pass work on cartons, foil
stock or stock even on both sides.
Medium 34 to 38 µm Smooth for label stock, large piles, heavy ink coverage, and stock
smooth on one side. The uncoated is for paper stock, carton stock
smooth on one side, medium to full loads, varnishing. Generally
used on larger presses.
Medium Coarse 40 to 48 µm Generally used on carton stock, varnishing, larger presses,
medium loads. Utilized in same general areas as with medium
grade powders but with greater protection.
Coarse 50 to 58 µm For ice cream and cereal boxes, sulfate board, full loads, and stock
uneven on both sides, varnishing. Single pass work. Coated
provides a smooth finish.

Case price shown, is a discounted price.

Please call to order Coated, Very Fine, Medium Coarse & Coarse.

  • Manufactured by: Lithco

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Lithco Non-Offset Spray Powder

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