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Nikken Color Changer - Ink Cleaner & Deglazer

Nikken Color Changer - Ink Cleaner & Deglazer

COLOR CHANGER is a Non-abrasive cleaner that dissolves ink, oxidation and glaze instantly and makes ready ink rollers for Fast & Easy color change.
COLOR CHANGER is Less Flammable & Low VOC and does not affect rollers.


  1. With the press idling, apply a small amount of COLOR CHANGER solution evenly across the top roller. Repeat as required. (Note that rollers may slip if too much solution is applied at one time.)
  2. Wait 3 to 5 minutes to allow thorough penetration throughout ink roller train.
  3. Engage wash-up blade and wash rollers in normal manner. (A good quality water-miscible cleaner like Nikken's BLAN WASH is recommended for best results.)
  4. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe off any residual solution.
  • Models: NIK-92-P & NIK-92-G
  • Manufactured by: Nikken

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