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Lithco Polyester Laser Plate Trial - 5 Sample Sheets

Lithco Polyester Laser Plate Trial - 5 Sample Sheets

CTP for the desktop.

Laser Plates represent the economical, quick printing solution for computer-to-plate technology. They allow you to go directly from a digital file and output to plate using a laser printer or photocopy machine. First generation plates have high resolution, sharp images and quick turn-around time.

  • No processing chemicals to buy, mix or dispose of
  • No camera, stripping or plate making supplies
  • Single-sided
  • Compatible with oil and rubber based inks.
  • Daylight handling -- no special safelights required
  • Use with Burnishine Tone-Away and Laserfount.

Laser Plates 2008 – Improved Image Quality and Run-Length

Laser plates have added a level of quality to instant printing that the previous, photo-direct plates were never able to achieve. Offering benefits such as first-generation imaging and no processing chemistry to mix or dispose of, the laser printing plate has taken another giant step in improving print quality.

The early Laser Plates left a lot to be desired. They had two primary problems. First of all, it was near impossible to get the toner to adhere to the surface. No toner meant no ink attraction and no ink meant no image. The only way to get the toner to adhere was to bake the plates in a high heat source. Ingenuity took over and all sorts of devices were used, thermography tunnels, heat-shrink guns, toaster ovens, hair dryers and microwaves and with varying degrees of success. The second problem was directly related to the first. The plates did not run cleanly due to toner scatter. The scatter was securely fused to the plate by the secondary heat sources. Once the toner was fused to the plate it could not be cleaned off. Clean the plate prior to baking it and the image was removed. Catch-22!

Today’s Laser Plates are far superior to those of just two to three years ago, partly due to improved laser printers and partly due to improved plate coatings. Today’s printers produce far less toner scatter and offer fusion rollers with higher temperatures and often-variable temperatures. The plates are designed to allow the toner to adhere at lower temperatures. They run cleaner and they run longer. Taking the laser plate a step further into its evolution are the X-Plates. They are designed specifically for the enhanced, high heat plate making on the Xante™ PM3 or PM4 laser printers. X-Plates can hold a wider range of halftone dots from 2% to 98%, with runs of up to 10,000 impressions under proper plate making and press conditions. They approach the ease and quality of CtP metal plates.

There are several good reasons for considering Laser Plates for short run work on small-to-medium format presses:

  • Elimination of camera, stripping and plate making time and materials
  • Reduced plate costs
  • Plates can be imaged in advance of running the job and stored without any special chemistry
  • Daylight handling – no darkroom or special lighting required

Lithco has always been the leader in offering you a choice in products to fill your customers’ needs. Our presentation of Laser Plates is no exception. We offer the following product lines of Laser Plates and chemicals:

  • Lithco Laser Plates with enhanced image
  • Laser-X Direct Plates and chemistry (NEW, improved plates and chemicals)
  • Hurst SmartPlates™ and SmartPlate Xtreme™ and chemistry

To eliminate plate stretch on all paper or polyester plates, we recommend the Original PlateStrips®. PlateStrips are adhesive-backed aluminum strips that are applied to the lead edge of the plate prior to punching. The unique, special adhesive on PlateStrips is resistant to fountain chemistry and press solvents. PlateStrips eliminate stretching and tearing of pinbar holes – Guaranteed!

Laser Plates are not compatible with alcohol in the fountain. They will work with alcohol replacements on presses requiring extra wetting agents, but not alcohol. We recommend Burnishine Universal Fountain Solution 3457 or 3464, Hurst SmartPlate Fountain Solution 390 or Laser Direct Fountain Solution.

The laser plates were designed to run on the HP 5000/5100. All other printers, regardless of the brand, are problematical. They may or may not work. It is all subject to the copier service man being able to increase the heat of the fusion roller. Not able to adjust the heat of the fusion roller means an external heat source needs to be applied, such as a heat gun or a hair dryer.

Troubleshooting Laser Plates

Laser Printing Plates Instructions

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Package of 5 Sample Sheets

  • Manufactured by: Lithco


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