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Hurst SmartPlate Digital Laser Plates

Hurst SmartPlate Digital Laser Plates

SmartPlate is the digital choice for Offset On Demand printing. Changes the way you operate in your shop by implementing a SmartPlate Workflow based on PDF documents and increase your productivity while decreasing costs. SmartPlate represents the most affordable CTP choice for the small offset press and is proven performer in high volume implants and discriminating printing establishments across the United States and around the world.

Standard SmartPlates can be run on the HP 5000 or HP 5100 machines

Frequently asked questions, reprinted from SmartPlate 12-2004

1. Can the SmartPlate™ be used on both sides?
Yes, make sure you image both sides before running on the press.
2. What is the length of run I can expect?
Up to 20,000 per side, depending on the form roller pressures and the amount of alcohol you are running.
3. Do I have to use certain types of ink?
No, you may use any type of ink and any color.
4. Do I have to change my fountain solution?
In most cases you do not. In some cases it maybe necessary to lower the percentage of Alcohol or use a more pure water.
5. Does your fountain concentrate work with Metal, Silver or electrostatic plates?
Yes, SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution #390 is an excellent all purpose fountain concentrate.
6. Can I wash off the plates with my blanket/roller wash?
No, solvents will wipe off the image, destroying the plate.
7. Is it possible to reuse the SmartPlate™?
Yes, but you need to decide if that is best for you. Remember, you will have it in memory or on a disk. Why store the plate away and risk scratches?
8. Can I use any laser printer?
Yes and no. For highest quality/longest length of run, we recommend the HP LaserJet 5000/5100 Series. Almost any laser printer will fix toner to the plate, the HP LaserJet 5000/5100 Series consistently fuses the toner at the correct temperature with the highest of quality. Some other printers vary in quality and the resulting length of run.
9. Can I run halftones on the SmartPlate™?
Yes, up to a 133 line screen.
10. Are there any other chemicals available?
Yes, there is SmartPlate™ Etch #392 for prewetting the plate; SmartPlate™ Prep designed for laser printers that leave a residue of dots (scatter); SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution #390; and SmartPlate Clean Print 396.
11. Can I run a shorter plate then what is needed to cover my cylinder?
Yes, just like silver or electrostatic plates, you can run a shorter plate and wet down the back with etch or fountain solution.
12. Can I run tight registration?
Absolutely Yes! The SmartPlate™ is designed to hold very tight registration enabling you to run 2, 3, or 4 spot color jobs. If your press pressures cause elongation of punched holes, there is the SmartStrip, an aluminum piece with adhesive available that will eliminate any movement.

Hurst - #1674 Smartplate Laser Plate 12.125" x 18.5" (HUR-SP1674) is a custom cut, and as such, non-cancelable and non-returnable once ordered.

This item is available in limited quantities while supplies last.

This Item Has Been Discontinued
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  • Models: HUR-SP1601, HUR-SP1610, HUR-SP1606, HUR-SP1612, HUR-SP1640, HUR-SP1643, HUR-SP1652, HUR-SP1655, HUR-SP1658, HUR-SP1661, HUR-SP1664, HUR-SP1667, HUR-SP1670, HUR-SP1673, HUR-SP1676, HUR-SP1679, HUR-SP1674, HUR-SP1688, HUR-SP16900, HUR-SP1682, HUR-SP1684, HUR-SP1687 & HUR-SP1689
  • Manufactured by: Hurst Chemical Company

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