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LM200 Repeat Length Monitoring System

LM200 Repeat Length Monitoring System

Priced under $5,300

An affordable, high-speed system that measures repeat length at full press or rewinder speed comprised of the following:

  • One (1) high-speed optical mark sensor
  • 100% repeat length measurement
  • 15' scanner cable
  • Anodized camera bracket
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Anodized camera bracket
  • Modem for remote diagnostics
  • Manual traverse for optical mark sensor
  • High resolution dual wheel encoder
  • 17" SVGA monitor
  • Pentium-based computer
  • Windows based software
  • External surge protector with status indicators
  • Ethernet network card
  • Maximum Speed: 1000 FPM
  • Min. Repeat Length: 3"
  • Electronic Resolution: .010" (Higher resolutions available)

LM200 Length Monitor Product Overview

  • Low cost PC-based repeat length measurement system
  • Real-time graphing of repeat length
  • Options: Up to 4 optical scanners per unit, visual and audible alarm

Repeat Length Measurement Software

The software is designed to give the operator real-time continuous display of the repeat length. Measurement data will be stored to provide documentation and audit trail capabilities. The operator can set repeat length tolerances which can trigger outputs for alarms and marking devices if the measurements are exceed. The repeat length will be displayed on the monitor and the operator can adjust the number of repeats to average.

Options to Consider

Outputs and Trigger Events Hardware: This feature offers eight programmable output signals. These outputs can be used to activate a light stack, sound an alarm, stop the press or activate a marking device. Includes a 5 ft. cable and steel terminal box.

Alarm Light Stack: This option provides a visual indicator of pass, marginal and fail. Outputs and trigger events hardware option listed above is also required for this option.

Audible Alarm: This option provides an audible alert when a fail condition is detected. Outputs and trigger events hardware option listed above is also required for this option.

Additional Mark Scanners, net each: Maximum number of scanners is four per system. The scanners will be mounted on the same traverse bracket and will allow for up to four independent measurements of the web.

Start-up and Operator Training - Per Day: PC Industries will provide a factory-qualified engineer for start-up, installation assistance and operator training. Does not include mounting components to customer’s equipment. Travel expenses will be billed at cost.

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