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Nikken PP Clean H Etch/Fountain Solution

Nikken PP Clean H Etch/Fountain Solution

Recommended for Use with All Metal, E-Stat and Laser Plates

PP Clean H is a unique, patented formula that is a one-step, ferrocyanide-free etch and fountain concentrate.
It has been scientifically developed to be environmentally friendly and to yield superior quality results on all dampening systems.
PP Clean H is compatible with all types of paper and ink, giving sharp colors and clear backgrounds.
Printing is virtually free of scumming, toning and emulsification.

Directions for Use
For E-Stat and Laser Plates
Etch: Use full strength.
Fountain Solution: Dilute with 20 – 30 parts water (four to six oz/gal)

For Metal Plates
Dilute with 100 – 200 parts water (one to two oz/gal)

Gum Arabic based: No
Contains mold inhibitors: Yes
Contains defoamers: Yes
Prints alcohol-free: No
Typical dose: 20 – 30 parts water (four to six oz/gal) Color: Tan
Specific gravity: 1.04
Viscosity: Not determined
Surface tension reduction: Low
Working strength pH: 4.40
Conductivity: diluted 2.5 oz. per gallon – Not determined Flash point: 200°F
Hard water compatible: Yes
Soft Water compatible: Yes
Plate Compatibility – Silver imaged polyester: No
                              Conventional metal: Yes
                              CtP Thermal and Violet: No
                              E-stat and Laser Direct: Yes
Dampening System Compatibility – Continuous Dampening: No
                                                    Conventional and Bareback: Yes
Sheet Fed Press: Yes
Web Press: No

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  • Models: NIK-71-G & NIK-71-5C
  • Manufactured by: Nikken

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Nikken Chemicals

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