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Peak 2021 Swing Loupe 22x

ICP Standard Performance Anti‐Marking Film

ICP Standard Performance Anti‐Marking Film

A – Ink & Oil Resistant Adhesive Coating
B – Glass Bead
C – Film Base
D – Adhesive (Optional)
E – Protective Film (Adhesive Only)

ICP Product Characteristics

  • Transparent white colored Anti-Marking Film
  • Single layer coating formula to protect the silicon glass beads
  • The silicon coated glass beads are uniformly coated and sealed to the surface of the film base in a dense matrix
  • Single layer of protection; Single layer of an ink and oil resistant adhesive coating
  • The ink and oil resistant top coat allows: Helps the ink repelling process

Backing: ICP is available with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing
Life Expectancy: In most applications, 1 to 3 months between replacement

Product  Description Color Bead Size Thickness
ICP Small Bead Non-Adhesive Standard Film / Non Adhesive White Small
50 Microns
ICP Large Bead Non-Adhesive Standard Film / Non Adhesive White Large
200 Microns
ICP Small Bead Adhesive Standard Film / Adhesive Backed White Small
50 Microns
ICP Large Bead Adhesive Standard Film / Adhesive Backed White Large
200 Microns
ICP Small Bead Anti‐Static Anti-Static Film / Non Adhesive White Small
50 Microns
  • Models: ICP-SBNA-19155, ICP-SBNA-21185, ICP-SBNA-2275185, ICP-SBNA-257520, ICP-SBNA-272075, ICP-SBNA-288752075, ICP-SBNA-2962523, ICP-SBNA-31524, ICP-SBNA-32525, ICP-SBNA-3675255, ICP-SBNA-3875265, ICP-SBNA-411872875, ICP-SBNA-41375295, ICP-SBNA-4137530375, ICP-SBNA-4462533125, ICP-SBNA-5239, ICP-SBNA-5741375, ICP-SBNA-6041375, ICP-SBNA-413164, ICP-LBNA-19155, ICP-LBNA-21185, ICP-LBNA-2275185, ICP-LBNA-257520, ICP-LBNA-272075, ICP-LBNA-288752075, ICP-LBNA-2962523, ICP-LBNA-31524, ICP-LBNA-32525, ICP-LBNA-3675255, ICP-LBNA-3875265, ICP-LBNA-411872875, ICP-LBNA-41375295, ICP-LBNA-4137530375, ICP-LBNA-4462533125, ICP-LBNA-5239, ICP-LBNA-5741375, ICP-LBNA-6041375, ICP-LBNA-413164, ICP-SBA-19155, ICP-SBA-21185, ICP-SBA-2275185, ICP-SBA-257520, ICP-SBA-272075, ICP-SBA-288752075, ICP-SBA-2962523, ICP-SBA-31524, ICP-SBA-32525, ICP-SBA-3675255, ICP-SBA-3875265, ICP-SBA-411872875, ICP-SBA-41375295, ICP-SBA-4137530375, ICP-SBA-4462533125, ICP-SBA-5239, ICP-SBA-5741375, ICP-SBA-6041375, ICP-SBA-413164, ICP-LBA-19155, ICP-LBA-21185, ICP-LBA-2275185, ICP-LBA-257520, ICP-LBA-272075, ICP-LBA-288752075, ICP-LBA-2962523, ICP-LBA-31524, ICP-LBA-32525, ICP-LBA-3675255, ICP-LBA-3875265, ICP-LBA-411872875, ICP-LBA-41375295, ICP-LBA-4137530375, ICP-LBA-4462533125, ICP-LBA-5239, ICP-LBA-5741375, ICP-LBA-6041375, ICP-LBA-413164, ICP-SBAS-19155, ICP-SBAS-21185, ICP-SBAS-2275185, ICP-SBAS-257520, ICP-SBAS-272075, ICP-SBAS-288752075, ICP-SBAS-2962523, ICP-SBAS-31524, ICP-SBAS-32525, ICP-SBAS-3675255, ICP-SBAS-3875265, ICP-SBAS-411872875, ICP-SBAS-41375295, ICP-SBAS-4137530375, ICP-SBAS-4462533125, ICP-SBAS-5239, ICP-SBAS-5741375, ICP-SBAS-6041375 & ICP-SBAS-413164
  • Manufactured by: Shinoda

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ICP Small Bead Non-Adhesive

ICP Large Bead Non-Adhesive

ICP Small Bead Adhesive

ICP Large Bead Adhesive

ICP Small Bead Anti‐Static

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