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Patch Applicator

Patch Applicator

The patch applicator unit, developed jointly with Ga-Vehren Engineering, offers substantial benefits compared to competitive equipment. Of primary importance is the rotary shear knife that cuts independent of the vacuum cylinder.

The material applicator will feed, optically scan, cut off, and apply silicone release liner, 3-ply piggyback labels, acetate windows, forms bond, plastics, and other materials in registration onto the carrier web. It may also be used to cut off, register, and apply preprinted material onto the carrier web. The unique shear rotary knife eliminates lost time for cutoff blade changes common to pinch cut applicators. Web direction left to right


  • Maximum mechanical speed: 500fpm Note: Actual Production Speeds Dependent on Forms Construction and Materials
  • Maximum web width: 20"
  • Maximum affixed material width: 18"
  • Minimum web width: dependent on material to be applied
  • Maximum material thickness for cutoff: .010"
  • Affixed length: 1" to 11"
  • Circumferential registration: +/-1/32"


  • 60" base with position for optional cross web gluer
  • Pin tractor infeed and outfeed
  • 14" shear knife cutoff cylinder with mechanical gear changes (2 gears provided)
  • 24" vacuum cylinder with vacuum holes spaced every 1/2" across and around
  • Lubricant applicator rollers for vacuum cylinder and cutoff blade
  • Servo driven feed rollers for controlling patch length
  • Lengthen/shorten patch adjustment via programmable controller
  • Mechanical "on the run" circumferential register for patch position on carrier web
  • Mechanical "on the run" lateral register for patch position on carrier web
  • 28" diameter material unwind with 3" or 70mm air core shaft
  • Pneumatic adjustable clutch for material unwind tensioning
  • 5 HP variable frequency master drive motor and controls
  • Jog/stop/run controls


  • 24" matrix/waste rewind
  • Electric hoist for roll change
  • Double ending upgrade, incl. turn bar, double tractor, and 2nd unwind
  • Cross web glue unit for pattern gluing
  • Additional plate cylinders
  • Additional change gears

Variable Feeder

The VF500 Variable Feed will feed a variety of flexible and rigid items including plastic cards, packets, envelopes, etc. It is designed for paper and plastic documents ranging in size from 1"x1-1/2" to 6"x10".


  • Documents sizes 1"x1-1/2" to 6"x10"
  • Registration +/- 1/32"
  • Can be mounted on PA500 Patch Applicator
  • Pattern gluer required to glue document on web (see PA500)
  • Vacuum pump required (included if installed on PA500)

Technical specifications subject to change.
Additional data sheets available on request.

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