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Stand Video Inspection - K (VSI-K)

Stand Video Inspection - K (VSI-K)

Similar to the more known Video Stand Inspection (VSI), the VSI-K differs from it because they are equipped with zoom objective K series arranged to obtain eight fixed magnifications which can be selected "snap" like the setting of the diaphragms on the professional cameras.
With this type of objective, it is possible to make a calibration for every single STEP of magnification and to execute centesimal measurements.

The VSI-K is available with objective K2 for medium-high magnifications (44-244X / f.v. 6.5x4.9 - 1.2x0.9 mm).
The distance between the lens and the surface to inspect (working distance) is very constant with all the magnifications (about 80 mm) and it is possible to inspect objects on the working board having big dimensions (l. 500 x h. 400 x d. 500 mm).
The system is equipped with led annular illumination with a very high adjustable luminous intensity which allows to inspect black or white surfaces and the images turn out to be of high quality.
The VSI-K can be connected to a PC through external USB2.0 interface and, thanks to our VIDEO VIEW software, make measurements, comparisons, filings of the images, etc.
Obviously, it is possible to use the system without the PC but directly connected to a monitor/TV.
For a few industrial applications, when the objects to be examined are bulky and placed on carts, VSI-Ksuit very well to be positioned in optimal conditions being able to block the base of the column on adequate supports.

The VSI-K system with objective K2 (cod. VSI-K2 10261)

Base with graduated stand, used with zoom objective K series,
which allows to inspect and measure up to 40 cm high objects.

Zoom objective K1 (20-100X) complete with focusing slide,
cold light annular lighting (48 leds) (SPT OVT 000483),
high resolution colour 250D2 (CCD 1/3") camera (SPT WAT 000684),
with luminous intensity regulator (SPT OVT 000484)

Video power cable 2.3m

Power supply set switching (input: 100-240V - output: 12V)
with cables and connectors,
arranged for the connection to monitor / TV

code VSI K2 10261
referred to a 14" monitor

Field of view on any 4:3 monitor

STEP 1 44X 6.5x4.9mm
STEP 2 50X 5.4x4mm
STEP 3 67X 4.1x3.1mm
STEP 4 85X 3.2x2.4mm
STEP 5 100X 2.6x1.9mm
STEP 6 140X 2.1x1.6mm
STEP 7 185X 1.6x1.1mm
STEP 8 244X 1.2x0.9mm

(code VSI-KU 10422 / VSI-HKU 10426)


For people that intend to work with a device very similar to VSI USB-HI RESOLUTION but with major precision and speed in the performing checks and measures, VSI-K and VSI-HK USB HI-RESOLUTION are available.
   The use on these devices of a zoom objective with a mechanical preselection of the magnification and the possibility (only for the VSI-HK) to tilt also the video head, besides to have a stronger structure, make the two systems very performing and interesting their quality -price ratio in the range available on the market.

NOTE For further information see also:

USB 3,2 Megapixel camera
Maximum resolution: 2048x1536 px @ 10fps
ZOOM Magnification Field of view
STEP 1 23X 11,8x8,9mm
STEP 2 30X 9,1x6,8mm
STEP 3 39X 7,1x5,3mm
STEP 4 48X 5,7x4,3mm
STEP 5 60X 4,6x3,4mm
STEP 6 70X 3,9x2,9mm
STEP 7 85X 3,2x2,4mm
STEP 8 100X 2,7x2,0mm
DIGITAL ZOOM Max 400X 2,7x2,0mm


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VSI-K2-10261 Complete of stand, objective zoom with magnifications from 44 to 244x, field of view (6-1,5mm), 1/3” CCD 250D2 (analog), annular lighting system with dimmer. Predisposed to be connect to the TV-PAL
VSI-KU-10422A As VSI-K2-10261 but without analog camera but with professional USB2.0 1.3 Mpx CMOS camera and VIDEO VIEW Light software
VSI-KU-10422B As VSI-K2-10261 but without analog camera but with professional USB2.0 1.3 Mpx CMOS camera and VIDEO VIEW Light software
VSI-KU-10422C As VSI-K2-10261 but without analog camera but with professional USB3.0 5.0 Mpx CMOS camera and VIDEO VIEW Light software

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  • Manufactured by: Lippolis

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Video Stand Inspection

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