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Stand Video Inspection

Stand Video Inspection

Video Stand Inspection (VSI) is an easy to use video system, able to inspect the details of the surface or of the internal part of all kind of objects (small cracks or holes with a diameter of 2mm or above). The deep inspection ability varies with the hole diameter (a depth of about 15mm for a diameter of 2mm and up to a depth of 50mm for diameters of 15-20mm).
Depending on the magnification the VSI allows to examine small objects also in case you have them between your fingers, while when the magnification is larger than 10x the plane becomes the better solution.
A practical device to change the magnification (optical group like a zoom), a slide for micrometric scrolling and a powerful light source with variable intensity give you a fast and perfect focusing.
The video-optic head can be tilted to allow the inspection of difficult parts. The VSI video system is very flexible: the video head can be easily removed from its original stand and placed on other supports to allow the placement of carriages with big a heavy objects under the stand itself.
The VSI system is unique in its category (quality-price ratio) and is particularly suitable to use even in very small companies, when the control and the documentation of the manufacturing quality are required.
All the VSI systems are equipped with "B" objective, magnifications: 5X-45X about, working distance: 410-35 mm, field of view: 55-6.2 mm.
On request they can be equipped with objectives with different magnifications.


VIDEO OPTICAL GROUP (VIS) complete of zoom objective "B" with incorporated cold light annular illumination system with high luminous intensity and polarizing system (SPT OVT 000046), 250D2 high resolution colour microcamera 1/3" (SPT WAT 000684)
and microfocus slide (SPT SOL 000006)
magnification: 5-45X - field of view: 55-6.2mm
working distance: 410-35mm

Base with good stability rack stand, it allows to
inspect objects high till 50 cm
Monitor TFT 17" with analogical and digital input
Power supply set switching (input: 100-240V - output: 12V)
with cables and connectors,
arranged for the connection to monitor / TV


VSI-10299 Complete of stand, high resolution CCD 250D2 colour 1/3", objective with zoom function, focus microslide, incorporated lighting with variable intensity, polarizing filter, TFT monitor predisposed for composite and digital video signal . magnification: 5-45X, field of view: 55-6.2mm, working distance: 410-35mm
VSI-10398 As VSI-10299, but without TFT monitor.
VSI-10501 As VSI-10299, but without TFT monitor. Connectable to a PC through USB interface,VIDEO VIEW light software for the acquisition, comparation, store of the images, film recording, etc.

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  • Manufactured by: Lippolis

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Video Stand Inspection

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