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Schaedler Precision Ruler Set

Schaedler Precision Ruler Set

For years, Schaedler has been known for the finest "Mylar" rulers available. All Schaedler rulers are made of .007" thick and 2 1/2" wide stabilized polyester which is tear-resistant and resistant to expansion due to humidity or temperature changes.

All Schaedler Precision Rules (SPRs) share the following attributes:

  1. They’re accurate. Calibrated from Grand Master standards, they have an accuracy tolerance of better than .00024" or 1/4,000ths of an inch! That’s less than your fingernails grow in an hour.
  2. They’re convenient. There’s extra grasping room at the left — the most-used end — of each scale; and even the hang-holes are large enough to fit over pushpins.
  3. They’re dimensionally stable. The .007" polyester film base withstands expansion and contraction due to temperature or humidity changes.
  4. They’re adaptable. The flexible film substrate permits undistorted measurements around curved, concave, convex and dimensional objects.
  5. They have superior legibility. The translucent, but not transparent, film base permits the reading of fine graduations over dark or black originals. Whether read against a computer display screen, around dimensional objects, or on warped or flat surfaces, increment marks are always crisp, legible and glare-free.

46-IM Inch/Metric - contains one 12" ruler. Standard inches in 64ths along the top edge; metric millimeters/centimeters on the bottom edge; printers points/picas down the center.

46-DIP Decimal-Inch/Pica Single - Contains one 12" ruler. New decimal inches in 100ths along the top edge; DTP (desktop publishing) points/picas on the bottom edge; newspaper agate lines down the center.

46-DP Original Double Pack - contains one each of the above two rulers.

46-IP Inch/Pica/Agate Single - contains one 12" ruler. Standard inches in 64ths along the top edge; printers points/picas on the bottom edge; agate lines and sample point rules and bullets down the center. Re-issued by popular demand.

18-IMP Inch/Metric/Pica Eighteen - contains one 18" ruler. Standard inches in 64ths along the top edge; metric millimeters/centimeters on the bottom edge; decimal inches in 100ths and DTP points/picas along the interior slots. Easily divided into two separate 18" rulers. Includes sample point rules, bullets, and ballot boxes.

  • Manufactured by: Schaedler

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