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#650 Digital Pocket Thickness Gauge

#650 Digital Pocket Thickness Gauge

This electronic digital thickness gauge has a convenient "push-down" spindle with a throat capacity of .500".
It has an on/off switch and uses a 1.5v battery.
It has a capacity of 0-0.6" (15.5mm) and graduations of .0005" in inch mode and .01mm in metric mode.

The Lithco Digital Pocket Thickness Gauge functions as either a thickness gauge or a depth gauge, depending on the position of the plunger when the unit is set to zero. The unit will also read in either inches or metric by toggling back and forth with the yellow button.

Thickness Gauge

  1. Press red button to turn unit on.
  2. Depress the plunger until it rests on the anvil and hold it in this position.
  3. Press the blue zero button.
  4. The gauge is now set to read thickness (the distance between the plunger and the anvil).
  5. To read thickness, place item to be read on the anvil and depress the plunger.
    The digital readout is the thickness of the item.

Depth Gauge

  1. Press the red button to turn the unit on.
  2. With the plunger at the top of its stroke (as in the picture below), press the blue zero button.
  3. The gauge is now set to read depth (distance between the top of the plunger stroke and the item on the anvil.

If the zero button is pushed with the plunger in this position, it becomes a depth gauge, not a thickness gauge.
Holding the plunger all the way down and pressing the zero button will set the unit as a thickness gauge.

Manufactured in China

  • Model: MIS-PTGD
  • Manufactured by: Arthur H. Gaebel, Inc.


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