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Plexus Tru>Test Durometer, Shore A

Plexus Tru>Test Durometer, Shore A

A durometer is used to measure the hardness of "soft" surfaces such as printing rollers.
Regular use of a Durometer detects bad printing rollers before they cause print quality problems.
Old rollers that have been used in alcohol dampening systems for extended periods of time may have become too hard to function properly.
Use this simple, accurate device to determine if excessively hard rollers are causing your problems.


The TRU>TEST durometer has been specially designed using the latest in Computer Aided Design technology to provide accurate, consistent readings on printing press rollers. The orientation of the gauge readout and the indentor pin are such that you can take readings of rollers in the printing press with ease.

The TRU>TEST durometer is manufactured using the highest quality materials. The body of the gauge, which completely encloses the precision components, is made of aircraft grade aluminum. The indentor is stainless steel. All parts are machined to the highest tolerances to assure long trouble free life. The dial indicator is a precision device with a movable scale that will allow you to preset the face to read zero when doing multiple checks.

The gauge comes packed in a handcrafted wooden storage box.


The materials that can be tested using the TRU>TEST type A durometer include:
Soft vulcanized rubber, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprenes and other soft materials including plastics, felt , leather, etc.
The material to be measured must be at least .25" thick and the area of contact must be at least .75" by .5".


Plexus Pacific Industries can recalibrate your TRU>TEST free of charge for the life of the gauge. This service does not include any necessary repairs or parts and does not include shipping to and from our factory.


Before taking readings, make sure that the material to be tested is clean, dry and smooth. Holding the gauge with the thumb and forefinger, press the foot of the gauge firmly against the material. The foot must be flush with surface of the material to be measured.

If printing rollers or other cylindrical materials are to be measured, care must be taken to keep the gauge perpendicular to the axis of the roller. A rocking motion around the body of the roller while watching the needle move to it's highest point will aid in achieving accurate readings.

To obtain the most accurate measurements take several readings at various locations on the material and average them out.

To avoid inaccuracies due to the effects of material creep or cold flow, take readings within 1 second of contact with the material. Some materials may need to be read faster than 1 second due to their increased resiliency. This creep effect can be seen when the needle moves rapidly down scale while measuring.


Plexus Pacific Industries warrants this gauge against any defects in manufacturing or materials for life.

  • Model: EQP-PLD


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