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Lithco Plastic Cutting Sticks

Lithco Plastic Cutting Sticks

Made from high-density red vinyl for the ultimate in durability, fit and performance

Computer controlled production methods assure accuracy and consistency, so you can rely on fit and quality from batch-to-batch.
They are available for all popular sizes and makes of cutters.
Twelve sticks/package.

Plastic cutting sticks that are 3/8 x 3/16 in diameter are usually wavy. The wave allows for a tighter fit in the groove. To install them one starts from one end and eases it in the grove while moving the stick from one side to the other.

Case price shown, is a discounted price.

Other cutting stick sizes are available by the dozen*** >>> Call for pricing <<<

  • Models: MIS-PCSCH265/8, MIS-PCSCH301/2, MIS-PCSIMP181/2, MIS-PCSTRI227/16, MIS-PCS1/2181/2G, MIS-PCS1/220, MIS-PCS1/220W, MIS-PCS1/223, MIS-PCS1/2261/2W, MIS-PCS1/2301/2W, MIS-PCS1/236, MIS-PCS1/237, MIS-PCS1/238, MIS-PCS1/242, MIS-PCS1/256, MIS-PCS3/438, MIS-PCS3/442W, MIS-PCS3/448, MIS-PCS3/452, MIS-PCS3/83/16267/8, MIS-PCS3/83/16283/4, MIS-PCS3/83/16301/4, MIS-PCS3/83/1631, MIS-PCS3/83/16311/8, MIS-PCS3/83/1632, MIS-PCS3/83/16361/2, MIS-PCS3/83/16365/8, MIS-PCS3/83/1643, MIS-PCS3/83/16455/8, MIS-PCS3/83/16459/16, MIS-PCS3/83/1653, MIS-PCS5/8451/2G, MIS-PCSCH301/22PK, MIS-PCSDUPLO660, MIS-PCSHOR183/8, MIS-PCSLAWR451/2W & MIS-PCSTRI301/8
  • Manufactured by: Lithco

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Lithco Cutting Sticks

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