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Chemgon Disposal System

Chemgon Disposal System

Protect your business from regulatory violation, and the environment from toxic pollutants

Chemgon is a self-contained disposal system for waste photo chemistry such as lith or rapid access developer and fixer, or black plate activator and stabilizer. Simply pour in spent fluids. The patented, proprietary, gel -like encapsulating, chelating and neutralizing polymer forms a sponge-like crystal substance in the Chemgon when it combines with the chemistry. When this substance solidifies, it may safely and legally be thrown away in your regular industrial trash.

Key Benefits

  • Each Chemgon unit will treat five gallons of photo chemistry
  • Work either directly from a tray or as the overflow from your processor
  • Easy to use, economical
  • Complies with EPA regulations 40 CFR §260 to 299

Here is a unique product that has a lot of potential.

Chemgon is a patented product that efficiently converts hazardous waste film chemistry into non-hazardous trash. It is legal in all 50 states and is in compliance with all EPA regulations. Please be advised, that there are some silver recovery companies and hazardous waste haulers that are claiming that Chemgon is not legal in their jurisdictions. This is completely FALSE.

Is Chemgon approved for use in all States?

Chemgon eliminates the hazardous characteristic of photochemical wastes as defined by the Federal EPA, all States and Canada. Once treated, the waste is no more hazardous than a piece of chewing gum and can be disposed in the same method as a non-hazardous piece of chewing gum. Chemgon treated waste is considered a non-hazardous solid waste as defined by the Federal EPA, RCRA rules and regulations. All States (and Canada), EXCEPT California, allow for the use of Chemgon without a permit.

Acquiring a Permit in California

Although the State of California issued a letter in 1997 verifying Chemgon could be used without a treatment permit, the State of California has since advised that a ‘Standardized Permit’ is required to treat photochemical wastes on-site. A permit to treat your photochemical waste with Chemgon can be obtained from your local California CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agency), usually your fire department.

A full Chemgon container is safe to dispose of with your regular trash. If you choose silver reclamation, evaporation or hauling, you are involved with a lengthy paper trail. The fees for legal disposal and reclamation are quite high. Chemgon provides the small waste generator with an economical option for legal disposal of spent photographic chemicals. You also eliminate the “cradle-to-grave” responsibility associated with hazardous waste disposal.

How do I use Chemgon?

Simply pour equal amounts of fixer and developer into the Chemgon container. It can be filled over time, so staging or other storage is not required. Once full, tighten the lid and place in your regular trash. When the developer and fixer combine in the Chemgon, they react with the proprietary encapsulating, chelating (chemical complexing) and neutralizing polymer. Both developer and fixer must be added to the Chemgon for it to work properly. There is a range of developer to fixer ratios that are acceptable. There can be from 4:1 developer to fixer to 2:1 fixer to developer. Any mixture within this range will become converted into a neutral pH, gel-like substance that can be legally disposed of in a landfill. Remember, the substance must be neutral. (Refer to 40CFR Parts 260 to 299.)

Two different EPA processes are satisfied by Chemgon. They are Treatment of Hazardous Waste and In Process Alteration of Waste. The first happens when you are tray developing or you pour effluent into the container. The second occurs when the overflow or drain valves flow directly into the Chemgon. Technically, the second method never generates hazardous waste because it is treated before it has the opportunity of becoming hazardous.

What are the benefits of using Chemgon?

  • Customers often save 75% compared to hazardous waste collection costs.
  • More convenient than collection or silver recovery; simply fill over time and dispose when full.
  • Reduce potential long-term liability for improper disposal of a hazardous waste.
  • Purchase from us your supply partner, eliminate contracts, separate invoices and unnecessary interruptions to your business.
What types of liquid does Chemgon treat?
  • Lith, rapid access, hybrid developer & fixer
  • Mitsubishi Silvermaster activator & stabilizer
  • Photo-typesetting activator & stabilizer
  • Diffusion transfer activator & developer
  • Photographic activator & stabilizer
  • Agfa Supermaster activator & stabilizer

19" x 13" x 11" @ 6.0 LB

  • Model: MIS-CG


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