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BetaFold Crease and Fold Analyzer

BetaFold Crease and Fold Analyzer

Beta Industries introduces the first Quality Control tool for the folding carton industry. The BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzer for the analysis and correction of folds/creases in production for the folding carton industry for high end folding products such as perfume, confections, cosmetic, cigarette boxes, and all other folding carton types were "getting it right" is primary to appearance and profitability.

The BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzer is designed to bring the advantages of quality control to the creasing and folding portion of the folding carton industry.

Until now, the largest sector of the packaging industry has operated without the benefit of process control. Complex creasing, diecutting, and embossing operations were run "by the seat of the pants", relying on skilled operators, rules of thumb, and highly subjective judgment, but no more.

The BetaFold is a portable, hand-held sensor that captures an image of the diecut and creased flat sample prior to folding and glueing. Fully automatic analysis of crease height, width, angles, and symmetry is done on the PC. The data is automatically saved to a database with NO USER INTERVENTION required.

The device is uniquely suited to both in-depth analysis of the many variables that affect the finished product by skilled managers and QC staff , as well as quick grab-samples by low-skill production workers.

The new high resolution BetaFold system is portable and easy to use.

Data and images are easily captured and printed with the integral report generator and statistical analyzer.

The system maintains a database of job setup parameters and production samples. All of this is combined with the high precision, ease of use, and Beta product support that has made the Beta name the standard of the industry in flexographic analyzers.

  • Measure crease and channel width, depth, angles, and symmetry
  • Save images and data with a single click
  • Display, save, and print data for complete control

The BetaFold Crease & Fold Analyzer incorporates a rugged, handheld, non-contact optical sensor that captures an image of the crease or fold and automatically displays, analyzes, and records the data in the Windows software. When used for package design, material and process evaluation, or machine make-ready, detailed information is available to the professional.

In the high-volume production environment the machine operator needs only one click on each critical detail to automatically capture production data in the database. Statistics are automatically calculated and formatted reports are generated for documentation and process control.

Folding cartons are made of paperboard and the multi-layer construction contributes bending stiffness to the board. In order to make a high quality fold with good appearance and structural integrity, the bending stiffness has to be reduced by the creasing matrix. This localized weakening of the board in a well-defined pattern act as hinges during the subsequent box forming process.

Uncontrolled variations in the creasing process can create defects that affect the appearance and function of the finished carton. Proper setup is critical to assure a consistent product. BetaFold is a new hardware and software system to measure and document the dimensions, angles, and symmetry of the crease and the bead. This aids in proper setup and offers a method of process control to the production run.

CREASING breaks fiber bonds between plies, allowing controlled delamination and creating a hinge

  • MEASURE Bead crease, folding angle
  • VERIFY Bead height, width, symmetry, fold points
  • DOCUMENT crease images and data, generate reports and statistics
  • IMAGE and ANALYZE bead dimensions
  • CREATE Production reports with images and statistics
  • DETECT changes in die penetration due to knife wear


  • Faster creasing makeready
  • Minimize cracks and splitting
  • Reduce running defects and waste
  • Improve package performance and profits


  • Measure sample vs production crease parameters
  • Detect ink and coating effects on folds
  • Verify proper drying and environmental conditions
  • Track die performance vs time and operator

The ADVANCED software option adds extensive customization options to the dieline diagram, reporting, and data collection functions. Generic box diagrams are replaced with the actual die diagram, greatly improving the production workers understanding of the areas to be tested, etc. Networked data collection is also implemented, allowing data to be checked across different production locations.

  • Manufactured by: Beta Industries

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BetaFold Crease and Fold Analyzer

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