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Varn Calcium Eliminator

Varn Calcium Eliminator

Outperforms Traditional Metering Roller Cleaners

Varn's Calcium Eliminator answers the problem of eliminating calcium build-up caused by hard water and the increased use of alkaline papers. Calcium build-up, in the form of white glaze, robs rollers of their printability and eventually causes stripping and complete loss of productivity. This calcium glaze is not readily water soluble or solvent soluble and is not removed by conventional glaze removers. Regular use of Varn's calcium eliminator will totally prevent this build-up.


  • Highly effective cleaner - very economical
  • Water based, environmental formula has no VOC or SARA III hazardous ingredients
  • Higher viscosity clings to rollers for superior cleaning and flushes with water to remove

Flash Point: N/A
No VOC Content
No SARA III Reportables
Mild Citrus Odor

BLANKETS: Wearing rubber gloves, apply Calcium Eliminator full strength to a damp rag and thoroughly wipe blanket. Rinse liberally with water and follow up with a water miscible blanket wash.
ROLLERS: Disengage the ink train from the plate cylinder and the dampening system. Dilute Calcium Eliminator 1:1 with water and run into ink roller train for at least 3 minutes. Flush roller train with water until completely clean. Follow up with a water miscible roller wash mixed with 30% water. To remove very heavy build-up, use more concentrated or full strength.
CAUTION: Both blankets and rollers must be thoroughly rinsed with water after treatment with Varn's Calcium Eliminator. After removal of initial calcium build-up, use diluted solutions of 5 parts water to 1 part Calcium Eliminator for weekly maintenance. Not recommended for use on dampening systems.

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  • Models: VAR-CEQ & VAR-CEG
  • Manufactured by: Varn Products

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Varn Specialty Chemical

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