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Peak 2021 Swing Loupe 22x

Bienfang ColorMount Tissue

Bienfang ColorMount Tissue

ColorMount is a porous tissue coated on both sides with a low-temperature adhesive that bonds while hot. Permanent bonding occurs at 185° F. Specially formulated for permanent, low-temperature dry-mounting or RC photographs. It's also an excellent general-purpose adhesive for most other mounting applications, including slick poster materials, blueprints, lithographs and other smooth artwork. Works well with almost all mounting substrates, such as cardboard, foam boards, Masonite, aluminum and Plexiglas.

These items are available in limited quantities while supplies last.

  • Models: BFG-CMH601, BFG-CMH602, BFG-CMH210, BFG-CM603, BFG-CM604, BFG-CMH605, BFG-CM606, BFG-CM608, BFG-CM609, BFG-CM613, BFG-CM614, BFG-CM615, BFG-CM616, BFG-CM617, BFG-CM618, BFG-CM619, BFG-CMH238, BFG-CM621, BFG-CM622 & BFG-CM623

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Bienfang ColorMount

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