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Beta Precision Electronic Rulers

Beta Precision Electronic Rulers

The Beta Precision Electronic Ruler allows precise, non-contact measurements of large and small distances on films, plates, dies, and prints. Electronic read out with .0005" resolution.

Ideal for register repeat length, bar code width.

Narrow lines can be measured within the eyepiece of the 50x inch or metric microscope, while the cross hair is used to locate larger details when sliding the readout.


Press the red ON button to activate the display.
Press the Inch/MM button to toggle between units.

Bring the image into sharp focus by turning the
large knurled ring.

Rotate the upper black ring to bring the reticle into
sharp focus.

Turn the lower black ring to align the reticle
to the image.

Slide the readout close to the end position and place in
final position by using the fine motion roller as shown.

Optional microscopes of 25x, 75x, and 100x
are available. Specify inch or metric reticles
for the microscope to suit your needs.

Precision Electronic Ruler Display Functions

Your Beta Precision Electronic Ruler will allow you to make highly accurate, non-contact measurements on many types of samples. Films, plate, prints and more can be easily measured without risk of damage to delicate samples. After mounting the microscope to the plexiglass plate follow the procedure outlined below to set up the electronic display.

  • Set the beam of the Beta Precision Electronic Ruler precisely parallel to the line or object being measured. Check that both ends of the object are at the same vertical position in the microscope eyepiece.
  • Press the mm/inch button to select the proper unit of measure.
  • Rotate the entire microscope body to align the crosshair to the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position.
    Rotate the black eyepiece focus ring to bring the scale into sharp focus.
  • Bring the object into sharp focus by turning the large knurled ring on the body of the microscope. Align the microscope crosshair to the start position and press the ABS/zero button until 0.00 appears in the display.
  • Move the microscope and slide assembly to the end of the object. Remove your hand from the from the slide and check the focus. Carefully adjust the microscope focus if needed.
  • Use the fine motion thumb roller to position the crosshair precisely over the end of the object.
  • Read out the total length of the object on the display. The mm/inch button may be pressed to change the unit of measure.
  • After all measurements are complete press the on/off button to power down the display.

Precision Electronic Ruler Microscope Assembly

The clear plastic plate attached to the digital readout has a large hole to carry the Beta DMR microscope. The inside edge of the mounting hole has a groove to match the base of the microscope.

Squeeze the plastic base of the microscope as shown. Press one edge into the groove and then move the opposite edge into place. When properly seated, the microscope will be firmly held in place and will not fall out even if the assembly is inverted.

The microscope and digital readout should look like this after assembly. To remove the microscope when storing the ruler, squeeze the base and lift the microscope out.

Adjustable to accommodate samples of any thickness.
Beam lengths up to 80 inches (2000 mm) span the largest samples to accurately measure materials and stretch.

  • Microscope eyepiece offers resolution down to 0.0005" (0.005 mm)
  • User selectable inch or metric setting
  • Convenient thumb roller for precise movement of the measuring head
  • Sensitivity to operator viewing position is avoided – parallax errors are eliminated
  • Rugged mechanism can be taken on the road
  • No computer required
  • 50X microscope standard – optional 25X, 75X and 100X microscopes available
  • The Beta Precision Ruler comes with a class certification.

Average accuracy 0.0015 inches uncertainty NON-CUMULATIVE error


  • 0 to 12 inches 0.0015 inches average error
  • 0 to 24 inches 0.0015 inches average error
  • 0 to 36 inches 0.0015 inches average error
  • 0 to 48 inches 0.0015 inches average error
  • etc.

The accuracy of the ruler is dependent upon the range of the device as shown below:

Range (Inch/MM) Tolerance (Inch) (MM)
16 inch / 406 mm +/-0.002 +/-0.05
24 inch / 610 mm +/-0.003 +/-0.08
30 inch / 762 mm +/-0.004 +/-0.10
40 inch / 1016 mm +/-0.005 +/-0.12
60 inch / 1524 mm +/-0.006 +/-0.14
80 inch / 2032 mm +/-0.008 +/-0.20

If a customer requires a Certificate of Compliance to these specifications and a record of the actual performance of the device shipped to them they must request the documentation when the order is placed.
The cost of this testing and documentation is approximately $700.

Click to Download Beta Electronic Ruler and Video Ruler Encoder Specifications

Click to Download Comparison Electronic Ruler vs Video Ruler

  • Manufactured by: Beta Industries

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Beta Electronic Ruler

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