SUPER SIZED For Large Projects

SUPER SIZED For Large Projects

Super Size Cutting Mat, Self Healing, .180 inch (3/16"=.187") thickness.

The super size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick, seamless mat. Make a cut, then another cut a hair away, mat doesn’t gouge so every cut is flawlessly straight.

The translucent non-glare surface is perfect for sign-makers, designers, tool makers, graphic artistic, printers, clothing makers, hobbyists, and model makers. The best protection is to use a very sharp tool, this requires the least amount of pressure for cutting.

Need help for easy, straight cuts, consider the aid of the alignment grid (1" squares) (The grids are used for lining things up not intended for accurate measuring). For accurate measuring use the Center Point Tape, CT-12' Sticky Tape and centering rulers. This is placed under the mat.

  • Resistant to solvents
  • Resistant to knife cuts
  • Cut Straight - Mats Won't Gouge
  • Protects Your Table Top
  • Suitable for cutting with rotary cutters and utility knives
  • Cut Straight - Mats Won't Gouge
  • Mat Rolled For Easy Ship
  • Non-Glare Surface
  • Blades Last Longer
  • Looks Great
  • Available with Grids
  • Translucent

Note: The term self healing has number of different meanings. For cutting mats the terms define the cutting surface. Our mats have slight textured finish. This finish minimizes the possibility that the surface can be cut. No plastic is truly self healing. A sharp cutting tool, will require the least amount of pressure for cutting.

Mats can be cut to custom size, priced from standard size. (No charge for cutting to custom sizes). Straight line cuts only.

Grids with numbers are for mats 4 x 8 and smaller, larger sizes are with grids lines only.

The Cutting mat (4896DP) Print on Grid are not recommend for use with rotary cutters.

Example for ordering:

Mat custom size 36" x 45"
36" x 45" size mat without grid = Order 4896M (4' x 8') cut to 36 x 45" (Add the cut to size in the comment section on the order)

Mat with grid 36" x 45"
36" x 45" size mat with grid = Order 4896GM (4' x 8') cut to 36 x 45" (Add the cut to size in the comment section on the order)

Super size cutting mats are rolled up for easy shipping via UPS.

Shipping charges: We do not quote charges over the phone.

  • Add in the comment section on the order form your require charges for approval before processing the order.
  • Send email with specifics, email with all specifics, size, quantity, address including postal code. use the link at the top of the page.

Center Point Tape, CT-12' Sticky Tape: Not only do these steel tapes have a uniquely fast method of finding the center, they are also extremely high quality tools for any kind of shop measuring.
Scale divisions (1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2) inch. Tape is 3/4 inch width.
The tape is to be mounted on the top surface.

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All Mats, Grids and Center Point
Are Made in The USA

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