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Lithmatic Fixer & Replenisher

Lithmatic Fixer & Replenisher

LITHMATIC Fixer and Replenisher liquid concentrate is designed for rapid fixing of all types of films and papers. Because of its high capacity, non-corrosive formula and excellent buffering action against developer carry over; it surpasses the exacting requirements of automatic processing and electrolytic silver recovery systems. LITHMATIC Fixer & Replenisher’s precipitate free formula minimizes chemical build up. Hardener is packaged separately.

The replenishment rate is based on the type of film selected and on an average amount of silver halide being fixed from the film. The recommended rate is 0.30 to 0.50 ml of fixer replenisher per square inch of exposed film. These rates are starting points only.

1. Dilution For films: 1+5
For paper: 1+9
2. Fixing Times Films: Typical clearing time is less than 20 seconds.
Fix for twice the clearing time.
3. Temperature: For tray work use at 65ºF to 80ºF (18ºC to 28ºC).
In processors may be used up to 105ºf (42ºc).

Most rapid access films do not require the use of added hardener. The emulsions are usually pre hardened enough to withstand handling or processing. If hardener is needed, use enough hardener to achieve the desired results. A suggested ratio is two to four ounces of hardener per working strength gallon of fixer.

Select optimum dilution- see guidelines above.
Measure out 65% of the calculated water needed.
Add the requisite amount of LITHMATIC Fixer and mix thoroughly.
If no hardener is needed, proceed to step 5; otherwise measure out the required amount of hardener and slowly add and stir.
Add water to reach the final volume and stir thoroughly.

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  • Manufactured by: Clayton Chemical

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